Tensioncore™ Administration Services

     Tensioncore™ provides a combination of consumer and business services to a broad spectrum of clients in all walks of life. A personal touch is at the core of the company morals enabling the accomplishment of all sorts of tasks not being limited to only Technology.

Tensioncore Administration Services is located in Lillooet, BC, Canada

Server Platform

Rasberry™ Server Platform provides access to a complete Secure Cloud Infrastructure to host the most intricate of website and data projects, Perfect for Startups and adaptable to infinity.

Secure Environment

All Rasberry™ Servers encrypt data being sent, recieved and stored to ensure all data remains secure. Extra levels of protection are also added to ensure the security of your files.

Our infrastructure was designed and built entirely in-house including Enterprise Grade servers and running mostly Windows Server.

Redundant Systems

Dedicated Network Backup Servers ensure your data is never lost and a Backup Power system is in place to ensure runtime in the event of local power outage.

Through the Lens
Nick Dodd Photography
  • Passport/Citizenship/PAL/Indian Status photos
  • Wedding photography
  • Event photography
  • Product marketing and packaging photography
  • Customized Service Available

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Nick Dodd TV

Our founder and CEO Nick has created a YouTube channel covering many topics from everyday vlogging to behind the scenes, 4x4ing adventures, and other specialized content. Look out here

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Tech Doctor by Tensioncore™
Repairing life's technology

Tech Doctor™ provides a wide array of tech services to Lillooet and the surrounding areas including: device repair, tech support, custom websites and more!

Some of the most common services I provide are:

Other common services: Business & office networking, workstation setup, maintenance, troubleshooting and support.